Infertility in both men and women is on the increase today and affects millions of couples around the world.

In men the main contributing factor is a low sperm count. The following can result in a low count: endocrine disorders, endocrine disruption from chemicals etc. exposure to toxins, exposure to radiation ( a tip here, don’t carry your cellphone around in your pocket!),excessive heat near the testicles, a diet deficient in sufficient raw wholefoods which will supply adequate vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids and very rarely certain illnesses.

In women the most common causes are failure to ovulate, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (here balancing blood sugar is crucial) and in my opinion very importantly estrogen dominance, which causes an imbalance in normal progesterone levels. Progesterone is the most important hormone for conception and carrying a baby till full term.

Both mothers and fathers need to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, wise supplementation, physical exercise, rest and sunshine, to ensure conception and healthy babies.

Studies with Cordyceps Sinesis

  1. Cordyceps improves the Respiratory Function
  2. Cordyceps increases cellular Oxygen Absorption by up to 40%
  3. Cordyceps Improves the Functioning of the Heart
  4. Cordyceps Helps Maintain Cholesterol
  5. Chronic kidney diseases improvement
  6. Cordyceps Reduces Tumor size in Cancer Patients
  7. Immune System
  8. Improvements in the Immune Stystem
  9. Anti-aging
  10. Cordyceps Protects against Free Radical Damage
  11. Cordyceps Reduces Fatigue
  12. Cordyceps Helps Discomforts from Tired Legs
  13. Endurance & Stamina
  14. Fitness
  15. Cordyceps Improves Stamina and Athletic Performance
  16. Cordyceps radically increases cellular energy
  17. Cordyceps Combats Sexual Dysfunction
  18. Hormones – Adrenal Thymus, Mitochondrial energy
  19. Sexual Function

-          prevention and improvement of adrenal glands and thymus hormones, and infertile sperm count improve by 300% after cordyceps supplement was used for two months.

-          The most dramatic physical proof came from Fertility Study (Guo YZ.J Modern Diagnostics Therapeutics 1986; (1):60-65) involving a clinical research of 22 males showed that cordyceps supplement increased clear evidence of 33% increase in sperm count, decreased 29% incidence of sperm malformations, and a 79% increase in survival rate after 8 weeks of cordyceps supplement.


  1. Contains Arginine which is known to increase fertility in both men and women. It increases both sperm cell and egg production as well as increasing motility of sperm.
  2. The presence of Chlorophyll also helps increase red blood cell production, which in turn enhances oxygen circulation. High oxygen promotes the health and function of the brain and all other organs. Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg MD, showed that cancer cells thrive in an oxygen poor environment.
  3. The high presence of Chlorophyll in BarleyLife renders it alkaline and it neutralizes acid in the body. The importance of alkalinity should never be overlooked in fertility. Chlorophyll molecules resemble the molecule of human blood (hemoglobin), which has an alkaline pH.
  4. Reproducing healthy cells- DNA repair. The compound found in young Barleygrass (P4D1) is able to stimulate the production and also naturally repair  human reproductive sperm cells and DNA. Dr. Yasuo Hotta. Biologist, Unv ofCalifornia.San Diego.
  5. Thyroid function and endocrine health also affect fertility. Iodine is crucial for healthy conception and BarleyLife contains kelp, a natural source of iodine.


  1.  Infertility can reflect deficiencies in the Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega 3.
  2.  Thickening of the cervical mucus can impede the movement of sperm, and a deficiency of the essential fatty acids can contribute to the problem.
  3.  Researchers have observed that male fertility and sperm counts are on the decline. One reason for this decline is exposure to agricultural and industrial chemicals in our environment which mimic the female sex hormone ‘estrogen’. Omega 3 ( only found in Flaxseed and Oily Fish) is crucial to consume on a daily basis to help support and balance Endocrine function.


Fiber plays an important role in digestive health and also contributes to healthy hormonal function.

See notes on Herbal Fiberblend.


See notes on this elsewhere.