Vibrant Health Club

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Back by popular demand! Join us every month as we pursue our goals of creating healthy families through wiser lifestyle choices. Our regular cookery dems, recipes, sumptuous lunches and nutritional educational talks will help equip you to:

  • Boost your antioxidant status
  • Build your immunity
  • Balance your hormones
  • Sort out all digestive disturbances
  • Improve your mental wellbeing
  • And much more!!!!!

It will be a time of Feasting, Fellowship and Fun!!!

To become a member of our vibrant team an annual subscription fee of R360 is required. (R30 monthly) This is payable upfront, please complete the form below.
Your membership will include a monthly newsletter, in which we will cover a specific nutritional health topic and health recipes related to that. Membership will also entitle you to a R50 discount at each month’s cookery workshop. You will also score by receiving a 5% discount on any groceries or items you purchase from our Metanoia Health Shop. And that’s not all, free delivery takes place every Friday to your doorstep, if you live in and around Pretoria!

Many more activities, fun team building events etc. are planned for the future, and you, forming part of our ‘team’ will qualify for discounts in the future. I look forward to building ongoing relationship with you as we join hands to a bigger, more exciting future.

Take a look at our events for the rest of the year to ‘wet’ your ‘appetite’:

July: (Date to be confirmed) Lay a solid health foundation with an Alkaline Diet. Learn about acid/alkaline foods, test your pH, enjoy lunch with us, ( lunch will be included at each event) and receive your health notes and recipes.
Venue (to be confirmed)
Time “

August Thyroid Health. Complete our thyroid questionnaire, learn which foods help support thyroid function and which are detrimental. Learn all about the thyroid gland and how it maintains your metabolism and body temperature

September Balance Blood Sugar. Complete our blood sugar questionnaire, learn how to balance your blood sugar more effectively and how to eat accordingly

October Hormone health. Complete our hormonal questionnaire, learn all about your Endocrine system and the hidden dangers of estrogen. Not to be missed!

November A celebration year end feast, with healthy recipes for the holidays for the whole family!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Club, to register straight away please complete the following:


To book for our July workshop please call:

R150 per person
R100 for members who have registered. You may also register on the day of attendance.

This invitation whether you join as a member or not, is extended to everyone. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards